PCO on his career resurgence, stealing Bret Hart’s jacket, and the match he didn't think he'd survive.

PCO On His Career Resurgence, Stealing Bret Hart’s Jacket, And The Match He Didn’t Think He’d Survive

The career resurgence of Pierre Carl Ouellet – now christened PCO in Ring of Honor – has been nothing short of remarkable.

Longtime wrestling fans will remember Ouellet from his run in the WWF as one-half of the tag team, The Quebecers. Along with partner Jacques Rougeau, the Quebecers captured the WWF Tag Team Championship on three different occasions.

After Rougeau left the company due to family obligations and burnout, Ouellet was repackaged as Jean-Pierre LaFitte, a pirate character known for robbing the personal belongings of fellow WWF Superstars.

Ouellet was immediately put into a program with the company’s top babyface, Bret Hart, LaFitte stole the fellow Canadian’s leather jacket and began wearing the coat to the ring.

The angle is looked back on now as being a little hackneyed today but Ouellet argues the looting would have been more meaningful if Bret Hart put more effort into feeling violated for having his prize possession taken from ringside.

Backstage issues with “The Kliq” led to Ouellet’s sudden departure from the WWF in 1995.

Ouellet bounced around from company to company, making short stints in WCW, ECW, TNA, and eventually back to the WWF. Ouellet found his way back to Stanford in time to participate in the ill-fated “Brawl For All” competition.

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