MJF Interview

EPISODE #4: Maxwell Jacob Friedman

Maxwell Jacob Friedman is here to discuss his favorite topic - himself.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman Is Here To Discuss His Favorite Subject — Himself — And Doesn’t Give A Crap If Wrestling Fans Like Him Or Not

Welcome everyone to another episode of Not About Wrestling. The only interview show featuring the biggest names in professional wrestling where we discuss everything except professional wrestling.

On today’s show, I’m talking to Maxwell Jacob Friedman, better known to wrestling fans as MJF.

MJF has been called many things in the media – the New York Post called him a pain in the ass, his hometown newspaper called him a jerk, and fans on Reddit are quick to share stories of MJF being an insufferable ass.

In this episode, MJF lives up – or possibly down – to my expectations. From the jump, MJF made sure to knock me down a couple of pegs while building up the legend of Maxwell Jacob Friedman.

“People are saying I’m one of the greatest talkers in the business,” MJF explains, “and they’re not wrong. Not even a little bit.”

MJF and I discuss dating apps, the only holiday that matters to MJF, his distaste for the Yacht Rock music genre, his thoughts on why social distancing rules should stay in effect forever, and why AEW will be much better off with him as world champion.

Entering the ring, hailing from Plainview, Long Island, it’s MJF.

Chris Illuminati is a 5x author, runner, and single father. Follow him on Twitter (@chrisilluminati), Instagram (@messagewithabottle) or email him at cilluminati@gmail.com.

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