EPISODE #6: Shaul Guerrero

Shaul Guerrero discusses being part of a legendary wrestling family, burlesque dancing, and her use of witchcraft.

Shaul Guerrero Discusses Being Part Of A Legendary Wrestling Family, Burlesque Dancing, And A Little Bit Of Witchcraft

On this episode of “Not About Wrestling”, I’m talking to Shaul Guerrero.

A member of the legendary Guerrero family, Shaul has done just about everything in the business. She’s wrestled for FCW, WWE, NXT, and served as ring announcer for the AEW Women’s Tag Team Cup Tournament.

When she’s not performing in the ring, she’s working with the burlesque dance group, The Vaudettes.

In this episode, Shaul and I discuss growing up as the daughter of two legends in the business, Eddie and Vicki Guerrero, how she transitions back and forth from wrestler to ring announcer, her dabbling in witchcraft, love of animals, and competitive video game rivalry with her husband on their Twitch channels.

And now, entering the ring, hailing from Chicago, Illinois…this is Shaul Guerrero.

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