RJ-City Not About Wrestling


RJ City qiscusses wrestling one-armed Bushwackers, fanny packs, and making sure David Arquette doesn’t die in the ring.

RJ City Discusses Wrestling One-Armed Legends, Fanny Packs, And Making Sure David Arquette Doesn’t Die In The Ring


On this episode of “Not About Wrestling”, Chris talks to wrestling’s premier entertainer and a damn funny man, RJ City.

RJ City is also in the new movie about his infamous tag team partner, “You Cannot Kill David Arquette,” and discusses how Arquette gets shit from wrestling fans for no good reason.

RJ and Chris discuss a myriad of topics including Scott Steiner and an uncomfortable lobster dinner, wrestling a one-armed Bushwacker, and the reason people still love “The Golden Girls.”

Chris Illuminati is a 5x author, runner, and single father. Follow him on Twitter (@chrisilluminati), Instagram (@messagewithabottle) or email him at cilluminati@gmail.com.

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