EPISODE #18: Nick Aldis

NWA World’s Champion Nick Aldis cares more about ‘moments’ than matches.

Nick Aldis is the type of performer who can be dropped into any era of professional wrestling.

Aldis’ presentation in-and-out of the ring fits right in with the lineage of his predecessors like Harley Race, Ric Flair, and Bockwinkel, and his work would stand out in the “Attitude Era”, the territory days and even during the wrestling boom of the1980s.

This fact isn’t lost on Aldis.

The current NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion has heard the comparisons to former champions – and he’s flattered every time – but Aldis is interested more in carving his own niche in professional wrestling.

One way Aldis differs from champions in other federations involves his approach to defending the NWA title.

“I’d rather have 20 title matches in a year that all feel important than have on every week that’s going to get some instant gratification on social media but then be forgotten about the next day. And that’s what it really comes down to. I believe in moments, not matches.”

Aldis openly admits to borrowing match ideas from past champions and concedes that pop culture and other combat sports infiltrate his persona outside of the squared circle. Daniel Craig and Connor McGregor being the two chief inspirations for Aldis’ affinity for refined suits and flashy accessories.

“I felt more serious about what I was doing,” Aldis explains when discussing his stylish persona. “And I felt an immediate change in the way the audience was responding to me.”

Aldis shared stories of wrestling legends reaching out to him to say, “I like you kid because you make a f*cking effort.”

The length of Aldis’ current NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion reign is another commonality shared with former belt holders like Race, Thesz, and the “Nature Boy.”

As of today, Aldis has held the title for 806 days. Lou Thesz held the title for 2,300 consecutive days, a feat Aldis doesn’t have an interest in replicating unless the move somehow makes sense for business.

In our interview, Aldis and I covered a vast array of topics including bodybuilding and fitness, life on other planets, the NWA world’s heavyweight belt, his HEAT with Planet Fitness, creativity and cross-pollination in wrestling, his dream opponent, and the future of the business.

Ladies and gentleman, entering the podcast, hailing from King’s Lynn, England…this is Nick Aldis.

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