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Chris Van Vliet Discusses Going Viral For Throwing Another Backyard Wrestler Off A Bridge

Chris Van Vliet Interview

In an interview with Not About Wrestling, Chris Van Vliet discussed his journey from a non-wrestling fan to a backyard wrestler within a year.

Van Vliet who wrestled as Chris Sharp even went viral over a botched spot where he threw his opponent over a bridge:

So we had a moment that went viral[…]we had a “Pay Per View” event in a park and my match with Danny Courageous was getting really out of hand and this park had this bridge over this tiny little creek and we’re fighting on this bridge and we didn’t plan this out […] and he goes “throw me off” and I’m like “okay”.

So we’re throwing some punches and I grab his head and throw him off. It’s maybe like 12 feet down to the ground and he does like a full front flip over like someone that’s going over the top rope.

Of course we’re very untrained. And he goes and all we hear is crack and it’s his leg. His leg has broken because I’ve thrown him off a bridge[…] and this video went viral for years on Limewire and Kazaa [as] ‘Backyard wrestler breaks leg- listen for the snap…'”

While we couldn’t dig up the full clip, Van Vliet posted a promo from the backyard wrestling federation on his Facebook a couple of years back that features the moment where he throws Danny Courageous off the bridge:


For more on this story, check out Chris and Steph’s full interview with Chris Van Vliet.

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