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Chris Van Vliet Recalls The 20 Chops From Wrestling Students That Left Him Bloody

Chris Van Vliet Chest Chops

Chris Van Vliet is game for just about anything, from bungee jumping to swimming with alligators.

So, it’s no surprise that when he went to Flatbacks Wrestling school, run by AEW wrestler Shawn Spears and WWE’s Tyler Breeze, that he immediately got in on some of the action, offering to take a few chops from the class.

Only did he realize that he was going to take 20 chops including ones from Spears and Breeze and that some of the students were getting their first chopping experience on him:

“I didn’t realize that some of these students were learning how to chop on me[…]Some people [were] hitting very high, one guy hit me right in the nipple, people were hitting me low,” explained the YouTube star and interviewer.

The aftermath left Van Vliet’s chest looking absolutely chewed up.

Chops are never pretty, 20 in a row led to some rough-looking bruising for about a week.

You can check out the full video of Van Vliet taking 20 chops below:

If 21 minutes of chops are too much of a commitment, Van Vliet was nice enough to condense everything into 45 seconds

For more on this story plus check out the full episode with Chris Van Vliet below.

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