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Here’s Why Steve Austin Doesn’t Do A Weekly Podcast Anymore

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At one point, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin had a “must listen” wrestling podcast, and then one day the show dropped quicker than an enhancement talent taking a Stunner.

Austin still hosts the Broken Skull Sessions on the WWE Network, soon to be moved over to the Peacock, but Austin hasn’t released a new episode of The Steve Austin Show in a while. The podcast feed now consists of weekly re-releases of old interviews, labeled under “SAS Classics.”

In a recent interview with Wrestling Inc., Austin explained why he pulled back on doing weekly podcast episodes and if he’ll ever go back to the weekly format.

“I’m really enjoying the Broken Skull Sessions, mainly because I’m doing maybe one a month. We tape them whenever; if a window of opportunity lands up, we get a guest that we’re looking for. The weekly podcast started getting a little bit in the way and became overbearing, so I just opted out,” Austin told Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor, Nick Hausman.

Austin admitted that two of the biggest reasons for making the switch were the schedule and the number of people helping to produce each show.

“When WWE approached me for Broken Skull Sessions, I decided to trade in the microphone so I could be seen on their streaming service [the WWE Network],” said Austin. “It’s obviously a different platform, and felt like [I was] trading in jobs.”

“I have a full team working with me. During the podcast, it was just me trying to get the show to a producer, who’d put the commercials in. With the Network show, I can do a lot of research to cover a 20- or 30-year career of some of these cats.

The show might last only 45 minutes to an hour but there’s a lot of prep that goes into it.”

Austin is still keeping busy even without weekly sitdowns with past wrestling legends and current WWE stars.

He’s got Straight Up Steve Austin on the USA Network, works as a brand ambassador for Kawasaki Motorsports, and his Broken Skulls IPA is now available in 23 states and counting.

Austin is all over the place but one place he won’t be is at WrestleMania 37. Austin confirmed that WWE did not reach out to him to make an appearance at either night this weekend.

[via Wrestling Inc.]


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