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WWE Sends Out Survey Asking If Fans Gave A Crap About Logan Paul Being At WrestleMania

Logan Paul Wrestlemania

Days after WrestleMania 37, fans still have a ton of opinions about the two-night spectacular.

The Raw after WrestleMania answered very few of those questions. In fact, Alexa Bliss’s new stuffed buddy brings a whole new level of confusion.

But the WWE isn’t interested in fan reaction to Bliss doing her Papa Shango impression, Bad Bunny’s impressive in-ring performance, Rollins, and Cesaro almost stealing the show on night number one.

The company is incredibly interested in what people thought of Logan Paul, possibly because they might (speculation) have plans to use him again down the road.

According to Heel By Nature, the WWE sent out several surveys to their Fan Council regarding Paul’s appearances and asked fans if they wanted to see Paul on future WWE programming.

WWE Logan Paul Questions 1

WWE Logan Paul Questions 2
Stop trying to click the answers, those are just photos.

As much as I dislike Paul and his brother, I really had no issue with the YouTube star being a part of WrestleMania 37.

Paul took up far less air time than other performers over the years like – Rob Gronkowski or Rob Gronkowski or that guy who won the Super Bowl this year with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who looked remarkably similar to Rob Gronkowski – and his reason for being in the storyline made sense.

Sami Zayn had footage of the WWE holding him back, showed the footage to Paul, and Paul came to his defense. After Zayn lost the match, Paul tried to cozy up to Kevin Owens and took a Stunner for his efforts.

Beginning, middle, and end (possibly) to the story.

And if you’re not sure if Logan Paul was worth his appearance price, the video of him taking the Stunner from Owens has been viewed by 3.5M JUST ON INSTAGRAM.

Eventual survey results aside, Paul’s appearance brought exposure to the WWE in a younger demo. They’d be foolish not to bring him back – ON OCCASION – to get teen and young adult eyeballs on the show.

[via Heel By Nature]


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