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Arn Anderson Said This Guy Could Drink Any Of The Horsemen Under The Table Back In The Day

Horsemen Drinking Stories

Fans love hearing drinking stories involving their favorite wrestlers.

On a recent “Ask Arn Anything” episode of The Arn Show, former WCW star and current AEW coach, Arn Anderson, fielded a question about a former wrestler and his ability to knock a few back.

Anderson recalled the one fellow wrestler who could easily drink every Horsemen member under the table.

Naturally, he once a member of the legendary wrestling stable.

Barry Windham.

When asked about Barry Windham’s drinking abilities, Anderson admitted that the legacy performer had all of the tools to be a legendary drinker.

“Barry could drink us all under the table. He could drink more, longer, and steadier, without anyone ever noticing he was shit-faced.

He would drink like..well, sometimes he’d be drinking beer but other times he’d be drinking like vodka and seltzer or something. Some kind of clean drink and he’d just kinda sip on it.

Whether it was a 300-mile trip, or we’re sitting in the hotel bar until they threw us out at 2:30 in the morning, he would constantly have a drink in front of him.

He was a veteran, let’s just say that.”

Calling Windham a veteran is a nice way of saying the guy is a legit badass.

There’s a legendary story of Windham accidentally getting shot in the leg on the way to the show, digging the bullet out with a pocket knife, and wrestling that same night without any medical treatment cemented his status as a double tough SOB.

[via The Arn Show]


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