EPISODE #35: Roy Lucier


Roy Lucier is a collector of not just old wrestling tapes and Lucha Libre figures but of memories.

During our interview, he held up numerous stacks of DVDs, all containing legendary wrestling moments from the last thirty years or more. All of those shows were converted off VHS tapes, Lucier’s original way to get matches into the hands of fans, collectors, and even professional wrestlers.

Roy tries to make all of that content available to the public on his Twitter account (which is a must-follow) and on his ten YouTube channels. Yes, ten!

Each channel is devoted to a specific company – none of which are named WWE. There’s a Houston Wrestling Channel, a AAA channel, a channel devoted to events matches held at the Olympic Auditorium, and even an All Japan Women’s channel.

Lucier explains, “I gave each promotion their own channel, so if one channel gets taken down for copyright reasons, the other stuff still stays online and available.”

Besides the hours of content on burned to disc, Roy has memories of his own burned into his brain. Amazing moments with wrestlers, fans, and friends from the past 30 years of fandom.

Like the time a friend called and asked if he wanted to swing by and hang out with an up-and-coming wrestler named Chris Jericho or meeting NJPW legend Antonio Inoki for the first time.

via Roy’s Wrestling Vault

In this show, we talk to Roy about his early days of tape trading and recording territory shows thanks to his parent’s giant satellite dish, attending hundreds of Lucha shows in his home state of California, collecting rare Lucha figures, and befriending some of the biggest names in the wrestling business.


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