EPISODE #36: Evan Husney, Co-Creator Of ‘Dark Side Of The Ring’

Dark Side Of The Ring Evan Husney Interview

This week, we’re joined by Evan Husney, co-creator of the popular and controversial “Dark Side of the Ring” series on Vice.

The Minneapolis-born Husney began in professional entertainment at the age of 11, helping his father A&R albums that included a polka compilation curated by satirist “Weird Al” Yankovic along with several discs for the famed “as seen on TV” label, K-Tel Records.

In 2014, Husney joined VICE to oversee all entertainment marketing initiatives. A year later, Husney co-created “Dark Side of the Ring” along with Jason Eisener. The show is one of the most popular on Vice.

In this episode, Evan discussing the upcoming season – premiering this week – with the two-part episode on Brian Pillman.

The producer and director talks about the process behind picking show topics and setting up interviews for season three of “Dark Side of the Ring”, Covid changing the way the show was filmed and traveling with his production team in a van to record the interviews.

Evan shares what it’s like to cover sensitive topics such as drugs, addiction, and abuse with famous wrestlers and their families.

Evan also shares the “Dark Side of the Ring” episode that will get anyone hooked on the show this season and the one episode this season that Vice felt went a little too far.

Plus, Chris and Stephanie announce a new addition to the “Not About Wrestling” lineup.


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