EPISODE #7: Dalton Castle

Dalton Castle discusses his childhood wrestling obsession, karaoke nightmares, and video rental stores.

Dalton Castle Discusses His Childhood Wrestling Obsession, Karaoke Nightmares, And Video Rental Stores

On this week’s episode of “Not About Wrestling”, I’m talking to Ring of Honor star, Dalton Castle.

The self-proclaimed peacock is a former Ring of Honor world champion and world six-man champion.

Dalton and I talk about his love of professional wrestling at an early age, not being allowed to watch wrestling in his house, a traumatizing karaoke moment in the family barn, traveling, video rental stores, and one of his favorite tag team partners ever – the Honky Tonk Man.

Plus, there’s an accident somewhere in Dalton’s house and the drama is TENSE.

And now, entering the ring, hailing from Rochester, NY, this is Dalton Castle.

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