About The Show

Hi, I’m Stephanie.

I grew up in Forest Hill, Maryland, about a half-hour from Jimmy’s Famous Seafood…I mean…Baltimore.

I didn’t watch wrestling as a kid but got hooked as an adult. It happened at a Royal Rumble party in 2013. Since then, I became obsessed with NJPW and all things Bullet Club.

I’m a sucker for A GREAT STORYLINE. I think my obsession with reality TV was why I enjoy wrestling so much.

Hangman Adam Page, Kenny Omega, Jon Moxley are probably my favorite wrestlers right now. All three can get it if they want.

I’m not big into collecting wrestling stuff – at least not yet – but I do love the photos I’ve taken with performers over the years like Dolph, Kenny, The Bucks, Tyler Breeze, and AJ Styles.

What do I love about doing this podcast? Is this where I put Chris over? Aside from having a wonderful podcast co-host and getting to talk about something I enjoy for a few hours a week, I love hearing about our guest’s personal experiences in the industry.

I’ve been asked a few times about my “ultimate guest.” As much as I would be a nervous wreck, I’ve gotta say Hangman or any/all of The New Day – those guys would be a blast.

When I’m not talking about wrestling with Chris, I’m wearing wrestling t-shirts while I perform with my band What’s Next. I’m a huge Ravens and Orioles fan. If the weather is warm, I’m on a boat or on the beach.

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Hey. It’s Chris.

I’ve been a wrestling fan since birth. I don’t remember a time when I didn’t watch wrestling.

I remember sitting in my grandfather’s living room watching Mid-Atlantic Championship wrestling.

I’d spend all weekend watching and re-watching Wrestling Challenge and Superstars. Growing up smack dab in the middle of New York and Philadelphia, I had access to both cable stations from both cities, so the same episodes would play multiple times over a weekend.

My first live match was at the Spectrum. The main event was Hulk Hogan against Paul Orndorff. My grandfather accidentally ripped the pointer finger off my Hulk Hogan foam hand on the ride home from the show.

My love of wrestling lead me to talk to some amazing people. I watched WrestleMania 31 from a press box in Santa Clara, California.

I once talked stand-up with Mick Foley. I beat Chris Jericho in Battleship. I had a voicemail on my phone that I kept forever that said “Yo! Chris! It’s DDP! Call me back, bro!”

Now, I’m hosting a podcast and talking to the people I grew up idolizing with one of my best friends.

It’s only going to get better from here.

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