Sami Callihan interview not about wrestling

EPISODE #44: Sami Callihan

This week, a mini-episode with “The Draw” of IMPACT WRESTLING, Sami Callihan.

Calling himself “the real reason fans tune in” to IMPACT, the former World Champion will square off against Kenny Omega at Slammiversary 2021 on July 17th with the IMPACT belt again on the line.

Sami is one of the most challenging, skilled competitors in IMPACT Wrestling, but the former leader of Ohio vs Everything isn’t afraid to use his black baseball bat if somebody gets in his way.

In this interview, Callihan discusses how much fun he had putting Omega through a table during their contract signing, the inspiration behind his many different looks over the years, other wrestlers “borrowing” his moves and the one place he’s recognized the most frequently.

Plus, Steph returns from a weeklong vacation and immediately has internet issues and the hosts have so much wrestling to talk about they don’t know where to begin. So, Chris complains about soccer.

It’s good to be back.

Ladies and gentlemen, entering the podcast, hailing from Dayton, Ohio…this is Sami Callihan.

EPISODE #44: Sami Callihan

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